#Art4Ossof #Art4Warnock


To ensure a productive Biden presidency that helps & heals the country, we need an Ossoff & Warnock win this Senate Runoff Election in GA! We cannot have another grid-locked Congress the next 4 years. Let’s Make it happen. Together we can.

We require financial & hands-on support to: 

  • promote political yard sign collection & submissions of graphic #Art4Ossoff  & #Art4Warnock
  • collect recycled yard signs, print stickers of original graphic art for Ossof & Warnock, place the stickers on the yard signs, & disseminate them throughout GA
  • visually project #Art4Ossoff & #Art4Warnock guerrilla style throughout GA

Donate Here:


submit your designs and / or share how you’d like to help:

We are artists for humanity. Join us.

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